From Pastor James…

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Over these first 15 years in the life of Coastal Life Church, our language around what we do, the methods of how we do it, and the locations where we gather have changed. One thing that has not changed is our passion to see Jesus change people's lives. Whether we were meeting in a living room, a converted warehouse, or an old church building, we simply wanted to share the Gospel with as many people as possible. Whether we used words like "encounter, equip, engage" or "find and follow," our mission has been to introduce people to Jesus Christ and help them to live as His disciple.

Today our mission is clear, to "help families find and follow Jesus." It drives our decisions and initiatives as we strive to reach and impact all the generations of families throughout the Treasure Coast. We are a community of believers that wants to be a spiritual family for your family. We put high value on children, teenagers, parents, marriages, and home life. We believe that all generations need the generation ahead of them to look back and invest into them.

As a church, we are striving to build a culture of real-life discipleship. It is in and through relationships that people are introduced to Jesus and learn what it means to live for Him. Being part of someone's life means you are part of their story. Every person has a story, and we want to help Jesus be part of that story. With God's guidance, we will dare to dream and step out in faith for the sake of more stories.


• Provide adequate space to carry out the mission for the sake of more stories like these, stories of life-change.
• Expanded facilities will not only allow us to continue doing what we are doing, but also allow us to expand ways we are “helping families find and follow Jesus.”

• Purchase 10-20 acres to build new facilities
• Expand space for children and student ministries
• Increase ability to host family and community outreach events
• Develop a recreational facility to host youth and adult sports along with a park for families
• Provide space to eventually start a Christian school
• Build a 600-800 seat auditorium with plenty of lobby space for relational connections
• Build adequate parking lots for large gatherings
• Build classroom space for Bible studies and Life Groups